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Time Police: The Musical

The screenplay, Time Police: the Curious Case of the Devil Dogs, was written as a four-quadrant movie for the entire family.  The story and humor work on many levels.

From there, it was a natural progression to turn the family movie into a family musical about a boy and his dinosaur in present-day Glen Rose, Texas, home to the famous dinosaur footprints now in New York's American Museum of Natural History.


At this point, all I needed was to find a collaborator with a strong background in music composition, songwriting, and musical theatre.

I was lucky to find Nancy Chamberlain: my perfect Richard Rodgers.

Nancy Chamberlain

Conservatoire National de Nice, France
First Prize in Chamber Music, Diploma in Piano


Manhattan School of Music, New York City
Master of Music in Piano Performance


West Chester University, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Art in Piano Performance, Voice Minor

2019 AUDITION PIANIST: Telsey and Company, NYC (Wicked/Broadway)
2019 COMPOSER/MD: “Measure For Measure”, Alchemical Theater, NYC
“Chamberlain, whose aural landscape was another character altogether”
- NYC Classical Reviews

01. It's Time To Time TravelNancy Chamberlain
00:00 / 01:24
02. It's Okay To Miss Her
03. Good Morning
04. Gone Away
07. You're A Dinosaur
08. Devil Dogs

Nancy took a first read of Time Police and immediately started writing out songs.  In less than two months, she was able to fill out the entire screenplay with nine original songs and score them.

What is even more amazing is her lyrics.  She didn't just take my existing dialogue and set it to music, she wrote her own lyrics that add depth and subtext to the characters.

Those themes were already there, but she brought them to the surface for the audience of a family musical.

Hers is a unique and special gift, and I am grateful for the circuitous route that got us together. 

So thanks to you, Manfred Lopez, Deborah Jean Templin and Ken Cerniglia for bringing Nancy to Time Police.

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