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They say you have a lifetime to post your first blog, so today I will find out if this is a good place to hash out ideas or if there's a reason why we have hampers for dirty underwear.

Great progress made on my second act for The MacKenzie Breakout yesterday. I got to know the crew of Inuit as individuals and not place holders.

In earlier drafts, the ship ride across the Arctic Ocean was the way to visit three stages of colonization/exploitation of the Inuit and get the lead character from the MacKenzie Delta to the mouth of the Coppermine River.

Now that I'm back from my trip across the Arctic Ocean, I know that this is the worse place possible for something to go wrong. And Post Apocalypse, there won't be the cavalry or Coast Guard to come to the rescue.

The second act will now focus on the dynamic power struggle as Krueger appears to wrest control of the ship from Chance. Or is she?

Now the makeup of the crew of this Sloop John B. come into play.

Let's meet them.

BTW, something I learned yesterday. Inuit is the plural. Inuk is the singular

Psycho Inuk. Comes with filed teeth for biting off muktuk and a slit tongue. Clearly in Krueger's camp.

Tattoo Face. Another scary dude and a wild card.

Krueger's camp.

Scrimshaw. A fascination with ivory and carving and knives. Always sharpening his blades.

The Cook. Yes, that's actually Graham Greene. He's my model for an obvious ally. An affable guy, but really a terrible cook. Seems he can only fry meat balls in seal grease.

Disco Inuk. The kid on the trip. Assistant cook and hangs out in bridge tending to the wheel when others go ashore. This gives him time to work on his John Travola moves when no one's around. Also a fan of Céline Dion.

Elder Inuk. The Second Mate and essential leader of the all Inuit Crew. He's the one who can see through Krueger if there's anything to see.

Hunter Inuk. A wildcard in the crew. Always looking out to the sea to find something to hunt. Some people do that. And an obsession with sharpening his harpoon points. Some people do that as well.

The Joker. There's one in every deck. The Loki in the crew, always up for prank. Sociopaths are also like that. Does he have a side? Can he be trusted?


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